Essay on The General Human Perception Of Moral Reasoning

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The general human perception holds that personal behavior is under the guidance of moral reasoning. That is the reason people refer to individual behavior as immoral, it is different from the conventional moral. Psychologists have been making moral evaluations and moral inferences to establish the psychological facts on moral reasoning. However, a common thing in their studies is the need to develop one theory on moral reasoning processes. The journal article begins by making an explanation of main psychological theories regarding human moral decisions. Further, it proceeds to describe the new theory by providing supportive evidence through the results of the research experiments. It finally concludes on the general nature of reasoning about moral behaviors.
The researchers are seeking to establish a moral reasoning that integrates all other previous theories on the personal moral reasoning. They aim at developing a new theory of moral reasoning with a close reference to permissible situations, the theory of emotions, and the account of intuitions. A close reference to the previous moral reasoning approaches helps the researchers to establish the psychological gaps in those theories. Therefore, the new theory of moral reason is comprehensive because it fills gaps in the previous theories. In all the previous theories, it appears that emotions are the guiding force in moral reasoning (Monica, Sangeet, & Johnson, 2008). Emotions help in coordinating many goals and plans…

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