The General History Of Virginia And Plymouth Plantation Essay

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From the General History of Virginia to the Of Plymouth Plantation, both of these stories involve the journey to the new world. Although these stories have few similarities such as, where they came from; the help they received in the new world when they were in trouble; and how they felt on the way to the new world; they also had their differences. Some of the differences that these two stories held was their purpose of why they went to the new world in the first place; how they treated each other throughout the whole process. One of the first similarities that both of these stories hold is where the people came from. Both the people of Jamestown and the pilgrims came from England. They all left England for one purpose whether it be for profit, religion, new start in life, or even power. This also is where the differences start to appear because not all of the people had the same goal in coming to the new world. Yet to their understanding they didn 't find out that it would be one hellish voyage to the new world. Most of the people that traveled to the new world didn’t even make it to the land. The reason why is because most of them had died of starvation or a sickness. In the General history of Virginia, it states the amount of food that was given to the people who were held up in the hold, “... half a pint of wheat and as much barley boiled in water for a man a day...”(John Smith 71). In the story Of the Plymouth Plantation, they had went through the same experience, but…

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