The General Environments Influencing Project Processinging Case Study

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The general environments influencing project processing.
There is a acronym ‘PESTLE’

PESTLE factors of environments must be studied to improve the quality standards of a project and its feasibility. These environments hugely impacts on the processing unit. Discussions on each aspect of these environments determining factors that may influence an organizational development of a project
* Political- In this government regulations are intervening in the organization to meets its goals. This is about safety standards set by the government. They are restricted to government policies. Government consult closely with organizations, to shape the environment in ways that have direct implications for their bottom lines. Management must be conscious
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It consists of customs, values of the society in which organization works. This environments play crucial role in product outcome because this is quite depend upon cultures, services and standard that the society is likely to values per their beliefs. Effective leadership and teamwork often lead to a positive and pleasant work place, which in turn leads to greater productivity and enhanced levels of customer satisfaction.
* Technological- The methods that technology will provide quality and efficient services at lower costs by converting available resources into products. So it is merely about which technology is to be used and for what purpose by keeping in mind the costs, time and quality to be obtained. Some technological factors to consider include web terminology, technology legislation; internet and broadband; and information security, costs, efficiency and productivity. All these factors have impact on the outcome.
* Legal- This also defines do’s and don’ts of an organization there is impositions under which the business operates. This includes occupational health, safety standards and environmental guidelines and their impact on employees and service delivery. This factors take into consideration all legal aspects like import,
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It is very important to notice the ethical and unethical actions by him or her. Actions of top managers as well cultural organizational is contributing to the ethical context of the organization. It is individual own ethical standard in understanding. However some organization permits unethical business practices, but if a project manager becomes aware of any unethical issue and allows it to carry out then he or she has contribute to permit of activity. So it should not followed by managers to carry unethical short cuts in decision managing ethical behavior must be first initiated by the top authority ,So it will keep others in ethical restrictions. Social context is the set of restrictions that an organization has to protect in the society in which the work taking place. Social responsibility must be exercised by organization toward general social welfare and natural

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