The General Effects Of Social Psychology Essay

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The general effects of social situations are that individuals will change either their behavior or opinion to adjust to the social situation or group they are facing. This is viewed in two ways, situationism and dispositionism. Situationism is when an individual acts or behaves a certain way because of their environment, while dispositionism is when its believed our behavior is determined internal factors. This paper describes three classical social psychology studies that provide insight into how people conform to norms set by individuals, groups, and social roles.
2. Asch’s study’s purpose was to decide if individuals are affected by the opinions and behaviors of other people. The most subjects in the experiment were actually confederates, people who know the truth of the experiment and work for the researcher, and there was only one person in each group that wasn’t a confederate. The experiment went like this, each group was shown three lines, and then were shown a forth after. They were asked to choose which line out of the original three most closely resembled the forth. The naïve participant did not know the rest of the group were confederates and when asked the question they responded with the wrong answer to see if it changed the naïve participants answer. Researchers found that 76% of the group conformed to the confederates answer even though it was wrong. This experiment, as any, has implications to real life scenarios. Asch demonstrated that one person will…

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