The General Concepts Of The Field Of Early Childhood Essay

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The general concepts of the field of early childhood is to help children learn the skills they need, in order to succeed later in their educational career. Several programs have been established to help with this concept. There are several programs for children starting at birth, and continuing until the child is 5 years old. Programs continue for children ages 5 through 8 years old as well. The programs that have been put in place have made a difference in the educational success for the children that participated. In early childhood education, educators have had and still have disputes about certain matters, such as the goals, curriculum, responsibility for care and education, quality, compensation, affordability, and school readiness. In 1983 the movement for school reform started when the nation at risk report was published showing test scores, academic expectations, and a competitive scale of how U.S. students faired against other countries.
There are several programs for children from birth to 5 years of age. Most of these programs are licensed which makes sure that correct child/adult ratios are met, and that the facility is clean and safe. Some of these programs are even accredited which is a voluntary process, it allows programs to see which areas they strive in and which they need to improve, and it lets families know the quality of the establishment. The first is child care which in 2011 had 62% of the United States population needing it. Head Start and Early Head…

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