Essay about The General Argument Made By Carey Polis

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The general argument made by Carey Polis in her work “Eating Healthy vs. Unhealthy” is that there is not that huge of a price gap between the two yet eating healthier has a countless amount of health benefits. More specifically, Carey Polis argues that there are some people who simply do not consider eating healthier a large factor into their lives. She writes, “many people assert that unhealthy eating habits are the result of economic hardship”. In this passage, Carey Polis is suggesting that eating healthier will cost less than eating unhealthy foods in the long run. In conclusion, Polis’ belief is that there are many more positive benefits including the cost of eating healthier foods compared to eating unhealthy foods.
In my view, Carey Polis is right because the actual cost of fixing health problems or to maintain the state of the problem is much more than the average yearly cost of eating healthier foods. More specifically, I believe that the average cost of about $550 a year for eating healthier foods is worth the extra money. For example, “that cost figure does not include any long-term healthcare costs because of eating a poor diet” (Polis). Although Carey Polis might object that some people may simply not afford the extra $550 a year, I maintain that the $550 does not compare to the medical bills caused by eating an unhealthy diet. Therefore, I conclude that eating healthier foods compared to unhealthier foods will not hurt your wallet and will help extend a…

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