Essay The Gender Wage Gap And Gender Inequality

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James Brown once sang “This is a man 's world,but it would be nothing, nothing. Not one little thing without a woman or a girl. He 's lost in the wilderness. He 's lost in bitterness” Women have been one of the strongest human beings in our societies and have helped is becoming what it is today. ” Men, have you ever stop and asked yourself “ Why is about my mother’s love like nothing else? Mothers have always been there, but society, mostly males, can’t seem to accept this or are just too ignorant to acknowledge this. Men don’t go through what we struggle in our “Equal and liberal country”, United states of America and in some situations is worse in other countries. Men will never struggle with the gender wage gap, maternity ,and equal rights.

The gender wage gap has been talked about for centuries. It can be seen that it started in the beginning of World War II, according to the website Infoplease, In the article, it discusses how women were doing the jobs of men since most of them were being deployed to Europe. Furthermore, The National War Labor Board advised these companies to “ voluntarily make adjustments to equalize wage” similar to what men were being paid before they left. After all, women were doing the same task and even worked more hours. A few of these jobs were to make bombs;women had jobs in 3 different areas, they were in business, industrial and agriculture. Sadly, these companies didn’t voluntarily raise the pay and at the end of the war,…

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