Essay on The Gender Role Of Super Mom

1150 Words Apr 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Joanna Adams-Shaw
Dr. Osgood- Treston
English 1A
April 30 2015
Super Tired Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Super mom! A women who does it all, a mother that works full time and takes on all the responsibilities of child raising and housekeeping. In today’s society mothers wear many hats: wife, career women, mother, taxi driver, nurse, tutor, chief, personal shopper, schedule keeper, and maid. The feminist’s push of the 1960’s gave birth to the idea of super mom. So many women wanted to get back to work and ditch their 1950’s housewife image of a woman all dolled up vacuuming and baking while carrying a toddler in heels. The image of supermom is mostly recognized as an unachievable fantasy. Yet, today may mothers hold this mythical super mom image in their mind as the ideal American mother. One of the biggest challenges facing American women today is the gender role of super mom, a mother who is the perfect housewife, and career woman. The image of the 1950s housewife has always captivated Americans, she has become a recognizable American icon. The stereotypical good housewife of the 1950’s is thought of as being beautiful, dolled up all time from head to toes, a chief, a maid, a mother, and a loyal wife. Wives of the 1950’s had one job, to be a homemaker. Being a homemaker in the 1950s meant taking care of both family and house, as well as present oneself as picture perfect throughout the day. Women and girls where brain washed into how to be a…

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