The Gender Pressures Pushed On Men By Society Essays

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Annotated Bibliography
Working Thesis: The gender pressures pushed on men by society are preventing men from seeking help from depression, which in turn leads men to have a higher suicide rate then women’, this must change.
Mandracchia, Jon T., and Phillip N. Smith. "The Interpersonal Theory Of Suicide
Applied To Male Prisoners." Suicide And Life-Threatening Behavior 45.3 (2015):
293-301. PsycINFO. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.
In this study researchers looked into 39 male prisoners and their suicide rates. They used interpersonal theory to aid in their experimental design to rule out factors for the suicide rates that they could not control. They examined thwart belongingness and perceived burdensomeness and controlled for emptions of depression and hopelessness. The study done by Mr. Mandracchia and Mr. Smith is done like any other psychological study would be done. It was very statically thought out and they controlled for every uncontrollable value they could think of, and in return they came up with scientifically significant data. Both researches have a doctoral level education and are perceived as well known researchers in their perspective fields; producing multiple studies. I think that the exact purpose of this study is not exactly inline with my outlook on the subject matter but it can be used. This study supports and provides evidence for my argument. It proves that men are more at risk for suicidal tendencies, and one possible reason could be the over looming male…

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