The Gender Pay Gap Myth Essays

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Women earn Eighty-pence for every £1 men make is simply not true

The gender pay gap myth is something that is controversially talked about constantly. It is controversial because they are two sides to this, it isn’t a lopsided affair. It is a hotly debated issue by men and women, of both sides, on various high-profile means of media. The gender pay gap is simply not true. There is a perfectly good explanation why women tend to earn less than men. The claim that women make 80 pence to every pound men make will be looked at in-depth. The effects of childbirth and maternity leave will be discussed. The careers men and women choose to undertake will be looked at and so will what gender, on average, work in more lucrative jobs. How much women are actually paid will be examined too. To reiterate, the whole idea of the gender pay gap is painfully misinterpreted due to confirmation bias. When you look at the issue as a whole, and not just the one side, it becomes clear that there is not a gap in the pay between genders.
One of the ways this myth can be debunked is by looking at how the “women earn 80 pence for every £1 men make” is a figure completely made up based on just one variable. This figure is simply based on average income between genders. It does not take into account education, hours per week worked or even the type of jobs men and women work as. Women choose to work in jobs such as nurses, primary teachers and administrators. Men tend to work as software developers,…

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