The Gender Of Gender And Gender Essay

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Reflective Reading Assignment

Rahilly (2015)

Rahilly, E. P. (2015). The Gender Binary Meets the Gender-Variant Child Parents’ Negotiations with Childhood Gender Variance. Gender & Society,29(3), 338-361.

In this article, Rahilly, E. (2015) argues that there has been an increased rate of children in society, stepping outside of the gender binary to demonstrate gender variance. Rahilly examines that the development of these children 's demonstrating the gender nonconformity is identified by the lifestyle and navigation from their parents. She suggested that many contemporary parents, no longer stereotype the intellectual of gender binary as they deteriorate the cultural ideology. Rahilly uses the concept of truth regime from Foucault’s framework to explore the practices why parents plot a route into the gender binary to authorize their children’s gender variant. In her study, she gathered evidence from her longitudinal research regarding parents of whose children identification of gender variant and transgender. She investigated that parents themselves are countable for the gender performance of their own children. When their child doesn 't perform gender appropriately to conventions, the parents is responsible for their moderate behavior. The parents who participate in Rahilly’s research is based on their moment of critical consciousness arising which liberates them about gender variance. Moreover, the author adopts three different practices why parent engages in gender…

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