The Gender, Levels Of Physical And Psychological Disabilities And Advantaged Career Development Patterns

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.4 Need for programs that considers the gender, levels of physical and psychological disabilities and advantaged career development patterns for the SEN students
It is however also important to have an individualized program for each student that is specific to his/her need, or at least have different programs for each gender. Hsiao (2014) found that whereas the female students prefer humanity pattern and do better at artistic and social pattern, male students prefer mathematics and physics pattern and do better in realistic and investigative pattern. Compliance between female students’ choice of academic group and their advantaged career development patterns is also higher than in male students. The life adaptation of female students is also better than that of male ones. Likewise, the environmental adaptation of juniors was better than that of freshmen and sophomores (Hsiao, 2014). The compliance of female students with special education needs is also greater than that of male ones. Surprisingly, the score of extremely physically challenged students in convectional pattern is higher than those with less extreme disabilities. The difference in choice of academic group also has an effect on career development patterns with the score of those in second and third groups being higher than that that of those in first groups and therefore, to enable SEN students to choose an appropriate academic group, it is therefore necessary to take into account their gender, levels of…

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