Essay on The Gender Equality Issue Within Our Classrooms / Schools

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3.1 The Gender Equality Issue.
Gender inequality is an issue within our classrooms/schools. Gender stereotypes stem from societies ideologies and are soaked up by children at an early age. From the day children are born restrictions and expectations are placed on them. Gender stereotypes that are placed on children by society are impacting the way children think and act, (National Union of Teachers, 2013, p.3). These gender stereotypes are formed by what society deems acceptable. For instance it is acceptable for girls to wear pink but not boys or trucks and cars are toys for boys not girls. Having children think and act in accordance with gender stereotypes is limiting their self-expression.

By having children learn gender stereotypes at such an early age can hinder their character growth. When it comes to self-expression the gender stereotypes forced on children by society are planted in the back of their minds. Children can sometimes behave accordingly and put aside their true thoughts and feelings because of the need to feel accepted by society. Children become what society tells them to become, (MacNaughton, 2000, p.20). Self-expression therefore takes a backseat to what is expected of children according to their gender. Enforcing strict society guidelines can also have a psychological impact on children now and into their future.

Societies gender stereotypes are creating binary thinking. Binary thinking is the idea of subjects as opposites, for example, what is…

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