The, Gender, And Sex Essay

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One could say that the majority of the population usually associate gender with sex, however, gender and sex are quite distinct from one another. According to the text, gender are acceptable roles or behaviors that are established within each societies that are delegated to males and females that are sometimes according to their specific sex. It is basically behavioral rules and regulations that are installed in society that are deemed the norm. Sex on the other hand is the biological distinction that makes men and women differ from one another based solely on one reproductive organs (Matsumoto, D. & Juang, L., 2013). Many people have used gender and sex interchangeably. This may be due to many subliminal advertising messages that have been conveyed in many different ways throughout the years. One could find Advertisements almost everywhere, from the Television, online advertisement, school, and variety of other venues. It has become part of our daily living. In the American society, females and males are advertised inversely. Women are usually critique and objectify the majority of the time, while men are advertised just as they are without any flaws. A multitude of the women’s images today that are displayed are very demeaning. The traditional roles that women are categorized into are still being depicted, but with an enormous increase on nudity. For example, the so called ideal woman that a lot of females are brainwashed to compare themselves to for many years is;…

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