The Gay Of Gay Marriage Essay

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The Illegalization of gay marriage

There are tons of articles suggesting that they made a mistake making gay marriage legal. There is list upon list of reasons why people think they messed up by making such a thing like this legal. We all have our own diffrent opinions on things political or not. My opinion is you should do whatever makes you happy but i do not support this, i do not think a man should lay with another man that 's what i just believe we all have our own beliefs. On the other hand there are multiple sources backing my argument up first a christian article talks about why they oppose gay marriage. The reasons being many they talk about mirroring god 's image this means the union of a man and a woman reflects the image of god that 's the way he made it to be that 's the way he meant for it to be im assuming thats what they meant by that. They also talk about how this is sinful they said in the image of god he created male then female they said the important thing to remember is marriage is not about us it 's about god and i completely agree with this from the beginning our purpose as individuals and as in couples in marriage is to glorify God. God makes it clear in the scripture that acting upon homosexual attraction is a sin people try saying that god made them that way for a reason and that they can 't be changed the answer to that is a big no being gay is a choice they have control over it god did not make them that way as it clearly says so in the…

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