Character Analysis: The Gates Brother

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Although, with the many obstacles you have to go through life is a great thing. You just need to find what makes you happy in life. Everyone has goals in life that are worth living every day for until you achieve them. No matter how hard times can get you just have to continue. In the novella there are many deaths. With their mother dying and there father committing suicide and many others situations. The brothers had to continue moving forward no matter what happened. You have to appreciate everything in life, the good and the bad. Although, the Gates brothers did not have much to continue living for because their lives seemed to be surrounded with death and very miserable they still continued to move forward with their lives everyday. There …show more content…
There are days that are going to be tougher than others. People learn from their mistake and move forward no matter what happens. Life may be complicated or wonderful everyone has a purpose to be living. Some people are successful while others have to struggle more in life. In this case with the Gates brothers, they had to struggle a lot more. They had to learn on their own. They were very inhumane and lacked attention and care. They might have acted different of their parents were around, but that did not stop them because they still continued to move forward and were very fond about death because it was everywhere. They did not experience any sadness in their life. They did not show emotions because even though you are sad showing it will not change the past. What is done, is done, you cannot do anything about but just learn how to continue with your life. The Gates brothers were very good at this because they experience a lot of things in their lives and they act like nothing happened and just keep moving …show more content…
Kent was supposedly killed by a snake bite while he was fishing. Neil also died because they blew up his boat and Dan was blinded. The reason behind all that was Frank David. Dan had nothing left both his brothers were dead and his parents. He was blind and could not do what he loved but he still continued to find a reason worth living for everyday. I would think that by all that has happened to him he would also commit suicide because he has nothing left. The boys could not go to town because they were not allowed. “The snake venom had bleached the boy’s pupils white, and the skin around his eye sockets had required grafts. The surgeons had to use skin from his buttocks, and because his buttocks were hairy, the skin around his eyes began to grow hair, too” (Franklin 187). He still continued to live although people would come to Kirxy’s store just to see the hermit with the milky, hairy eyes. Life is about finding a meaning everyday to get up in the morning and continue on with your day. These boys did not have much but somehow found a way to get up every day and continue with their life doing what they love. Life surprises you every day you never know what could happen. The Gates brothers must of never imagined their parents dieing or even Dan never thinking that his brothers would die and he would go blind. You just have to find way to keep on moving forward and not letting any obstacle get in your way.

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