Essay on The ' Garden Party '

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The society that belongs to the the class that works extremely hard for everything? Maybe the class that came from old money and did not work hard for anything and takes everything for granted? Or the class that has food stamps, you are on FBLA and the government hands you a six bedroom house is completely paid for and you did not do anything to deserve the house? The definition of social classes is where a group of people of similar status whether it be the poor, blue collar, and wealthy. Most social classes are commonly grouped on power or wealth. The “Garden Party “ is about the Sheridan family throwing a party and the mother is not planning anything and leaves it up to the girls to plan so Laura becomes nominated to decorate. When setting up the party they discover a dead man which the house was extremely close to the Sheridans and all the invited guest where in view of the dead man. Even though a street separates the two families they are are completely to ends of the spectrum. In the short story, “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield the message she wants the reader to understand about life is people shelter them from the outside with the simple views based on your social classes of the world and she solidifies this through the literary device flight.
Mansfield uses the use of birds with flight throughout the story to betray the separation of upper class and lower class. The individuals who live up on the hill are represented of the upper class and the cottages…

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