Essay on The Garbage Of The Trash Guru

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The Trash Guru is convenient in the sense that the purchaser no longer has to take the trash to the curb themselves. Customers can place the trash on the dock and program the device to take the trash to the cub at any day/time. This product does not release any harmful toxins into the air because it is battery power operated. The Trash Guru is very beneficial to the buyer because of its multiple uses. Homeowners can use it for the purpose of taking out the trash, as can business. But The Trash Guru can also be used to transport materials around. For example, a construction company can load wood and tools into the buckets and have the Trash Guru transport the materials around the construction site.
In contrast to the strengths that the Trash Guru possesses, there are also weakness. The Trash Guru also, cannot be used in all seasons, which is an inconvenience to some who purchase the device because they are unable to physically take out the trash. An elderly woman who purchases the device because she is unable to carry the trash is going to be stuck with loads of trash during the winter when there is unshoveled snow on the ground and the Trash Guru is unable to get through it. Lastly, although that the Trash Guru is very convenient when taking the trash to the curb, one still has to remember to load the trash onto the dock so that it can be taken to the curb.
The Trash Guru has many opportunities, because of how versatile and original it is. There is nothing on the market…

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