Essay about The Gap Of Indigenous And Non Indigenous Students

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Despite government funding, there is still a gap for indigenous students. The closing of this gap can be achieved when schools and teachers address the issue by acknowledging the impact the past has had on the present, for Indigenous students. I believe, to address the issue we have to stop the cycle of hate and shame between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people. The past needs to be acknowledged and taught, however focusing on it can be detrimental to moving into the future. Knowledge of the history is important to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. But when negativity is the only focus this can breed further hate for the Indigenous students, and a feeling a shame for non-Indigenous students. This negativity only segregates students further, both inside and outside the classroom. By using shared history, multicultural awareness, and equality based learning, schools can help both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous students put the past behind them and create an equal, multicultural learning environment and future. The past and Indigenous culture need to be acknowledged. Acknowledging Indigenous culture such as welcome to country and shared history, allow Indigenous students to feel included. This creates an environment where Indigenous students feel respected, and engagement can be made. Australia 's history regarding Indigenous culture and settlement needs to be taught as it is an important part of Indigenous and non-Indigenous shared history. How the…

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