Essay on The Gap Between Wealth And Poverty

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For the beginning of humans’ life, money is a significant tool between humans. The money helps people to measure the values and to trade the products. The product can be visible such as food or it can be invisible such as services. This concept of money helps people to be more organized in their life issues. By using money as a tool for buying and selling that create a status for each person. Then, people become greedy for having money that make some people wealthy and poor too. People divided into classes based on their income such as low class, medium class, and high class. This division has gotten a name, which is Economy. After human live started to develop more and more that creates a wealth gap between people. The wealth gap is dangerous alarm can destroy the societies and countries. The wealth gap is expression using for showing the deference between the wealth and the poverty. In the United States wealth gap become a massive problem from which American are suffering. There are two causes for the wealth gap in the US. This problem is creating many negative consequences and the society should address the wealth gap immediately.
For many years the United States has been growing and becoming one of the best countries in the world politically, industrially, and economically. The economic situation is one of the most significant areas, in which Americans have been improving. According to Lim and Smalzer, (2008), before the World War II, The economic in US was stabled…

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