The Gap Between Men And Women Essay

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With the boom of technology and science in modern-day society, those who hold skill working with computers remain in high demand. Countless college students run to earn a degree in computer science, while the integration of computers and tech in nearly every company makes sure a spot is always open for the newest computer science graduate. Ideally, this endeavor would be open to everyone willing to learn, regardless of gender. However, this may not be the case, as many believe in the existence of a bias against women in STEM fields. Max Taves highlights what he feels is the largest difference between men and women in computer science: their pay. Taves’ argument about the discrepancy between salaries among men and women in computer science holds some merit through sound ethos, but he unsuccessfully portrays the truth of the matter due to limited sources of information and poor use of statistical evidence.
Taves begins his article by outlining some of the benefits of a job in computer programming, including large bonuses reaching upwards of $200,000 and complimentary vacations. However, he immediately follows by claiming that while being a computer programmer is nice, it is especially nice for guys. Taves then introduces a study performed by Glassdoor, a popular job recruiting site. According to the study, which studied income and spanned multiple jobs in a variety of fields, computer programming has the largest wage gap, with women earning 28% less than men.
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