Essay about The Gap Between Institutional Values And Nursing Values

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Knowledge Becoming Privilege
Storch describes one of the issues currently faced by the field of nursing as the imbalance between institutional values and nursing values. A sub issue within this imbalance is efficiency as a value, which describes a strive to create more efficient systems based upon business practices. This strive is due to numerous issues, such as insufficient staffing, layoffs, hiring freezes, and altered work expectations. Due to nursing lay-offs, “this meant that therapeutic and relational caring was no longer wanted by some of those in charge of health care” (Storch 2010). Consequences of these lay-offs included many, such as devaluing the nursing profession and its people to a mere profession that practically anyone could handle. Worst of all, it became a profession that was viewed as unnecessary. Long-lasting severe consequences of this also caused nurses to question their loyalty to the institutions they had been employed for many years, and even advised children, family, and friends to avoid an education in their field of study. The lack of leadership in nursing departments was one of the major downfalls of the field, which lead to transvaluation, shifting the focus of nursing leadership onto a rock-bottom expectation of patient-safety only, with very little emphasis on therapeutic and relational caring of their patients. Economics as a value, which includes the inefficient waste of materials, time, and emotional energy, is also a sizable issue in the…

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