The Gap Between High, Middle And Low Income Countries Essay

1518 Words Nov 4th, 2016 7 Pages
Today people wonder what it’s like for other countries economical stature. They think about what it would be like to work, study or live someplace else. In this essay I will address the gap between the high, middle and low income countries. I will also explain how market-oriented theories are different from the dependency perspective and how it is contributed to a gap in rich and poor countries. Finally I will explain how power and authority shape rich and poor countries.
The topic that is addressed first is for us to show evidence that there is a gap between high, middle and low income countries. My first example is the type of housing that the countries have to offer the people by starting with the high income countries it is shown that they have a large number of poor people it is also shown that they still have the opportunity for decent housing and living. Now middle class countries still offer housing although it is somewhat eroded. Low income countries are home to roughly 12 percent of the world 's population and in other perspective that converts to about 850 million people. The housing that low income families have are located in rural areas or highly populated cities. The conditions for these people are shown that a vast majority live in very dilapidated houses or they find their shelter in the streets of their city. It shown that there is a difference in population between the countries. It is said that the low income countries tend to have a higher pregnancy…

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