The Gap Between Colleges And Universities Essay

782 Words Mar 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
Colleges and Universities have joined the “big business club” along with tobacco, cola, and alcohol. When joining the club they were granted special perks: a constant stream of money from the American people, the ability to show illusion of options, and temporary promises of enjoyment. Like any other big business, Colleges have become more focused on growing their brand and making sure they keep afloat causing them to create major rifts in the education system and increasing the gap between classes. Universities big business mind set has caused them to create an educational rift with in the system. A major factor in creating this rift is the amount of money it cost for the average student to attend a college or university. There are constant complaints of students going into debt in order to go to college. Ranging from 20,000 to 60,000 a year students try to find a way to pay for this enormous tuition to help better them selves on the promise that they will get a good job in the future and be able to pay off their debt. In fact the system in place has not helped people pay off their debt, and there are plenty of graduates who don’t have jobs and some who don’t have meaningful jobs. The stress of money causes stunted not to attend college in the first place. The ones who do attend college are also at a disadvantage if they do not attend a top university. Not only do they lack the influence of a community of strong minded individuals, but they also lack the proper…

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