Essay about The Games Of Slander 's Presidential Election

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The Games of Slander in Presidential Elections
The 2004 Presidential Elections in the United States was a clash between Senator John Kerry (Democrat) and the then President George W. Bush (Republican). Like all other competitive presidential elections, the campaigns saw the use of advertisements that attempted to sway the opinions of the voters. The main issues that drove the campaign were majorly foreign as they focused on the war in Iraq and terrorism especially fuelled by the then recent 9/11 attacks in America. However, the 2004 presidential campaigns were different in that they saw the entry of Hollywood directors into politics the extensive use of online campaign ‘headquarters’, the use of social media and the departure of domestic issues from presidential campaigns (The Living Room Candidate Para. 2-3).
In the campaigns, the Bush campaign attempted to portray Senator John Kerry as a high-taxes proposer opposed to military funding while the Kerry camp strived to showcase the mistakes committed by the Bush administration as well as paint Kerry as a people-person. In this paper I will explore the ads used in the campaign including the Republican “Weapons”, "Kerry 's Coalition of the Wild-Eyed," ads against the Democrat “Bush in 30 Seconds”, "Real People: Rhonda Nix, “Old Tricks" advertisements alongside the communication elements applied in the same. The 2004 presidential elections was another classical showdown that showcased the illusions and fallacies that are used…

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