The Game Of Video Game Essay

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The concept that created video game consoles was based out of an idea. As technology continues to grow, it will always contain the origin of where the idea came from. For most people, they would think that Pong was the first video game that was invented. However, before Pong, there was the pinball. The creator David Gottlieb who made “Baffle ball” gave an inspiration to the evolution of video game. (Kent 2) Baffle Ball was similar to pinball because it is basically the same concept. The only difference was that the player was required to keep track of their score. As of today, with the help of modern technology, the score will be counted automatically. (Kent 3) The pinball has made an impact where in the 1940s; many companies have started to make other type of game such as: simulated horse racing, hunting and western gunfights. A few years after those types of game came out; they would implement sports game such as hockey and soccer. Those games are labeled as arcade games. (Kent 10) Afterwards, during the year 1972, the company “Atari” was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. (Kent 38) They were the creator of the game computer space that was the first console game made. After the company was created, they have hired a few employees such as Cynthia Villanueva who was a receptionist and Al Alcorn who was an engineer for Atari. (Kent 39) This is when Pong was born. Pong was a game that Al Alcorn gave himself as a project. The concept was based on ping-pong. (Kent 40)…

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