The Game Of Survivor Is Physically Demanding, But Mentally It Really Takes A Toll On The Contestants

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The game of survivor is physically demanding, but mentally it really takes a toll on the contestants. 16 average people split into two teams step onto a remote island for 39 days and endure challenges that pushes their bodies and mind to the limit. Contestants are wiling to lie, backstab, or betray their tribe members in attempt to win the grand prize of one million dollars! Competing on survivor has many psychological effects, such as stress, not being able to thing clearly, and emotional. Being stressed on survivor can drive contestants mad and act in some very outlandish ways. “Stress is the body 's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses.” (Webmd) Contestants go through very adverse circumstances which are way out of the norm from there normal life. “Some may acknowledge that the game puts the players at risk of suffering the consequences of stressors but maintain possible reward of prize money” (Moyer 78). Even know the players run the risk of causing damage to themselves they will do whatever it takes to become a millionaire. “The strategic and social restraints of the situation are altered, meaning the castaways must adapt and skillfully use different social coping strategies” (Moyer 79). Social loafing in everyday life is not something people do everyday, but in the game of survivor if do not contestants could be lost and feel left out. When contestants do not…

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