The Game Of American Football Essay examples

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American Football is a unique product. While occasionally organizations have attempted to create actual competition in terms of identical sports, most have failed or been absorbed by the NFL giant. The NFL, like any other company, is in existence to create revenue. While there is no current competition to the NFL in terms of leagues, the NFL’s success is defined by viewership. Without viewership, advertising dollars will fall. A decrease in viewership will result in less revenue for the NFL. Virtually any television programming that is aired at the same time as the NFL can be considered a competitor. Anything that draws viewership from the NFL can be the cause of reduced revenue.
As an organization, the NFL is incredibly strong. There is currently no organic competition in the United States. The game of American football is a unique product. The customer base for the NFL is incredibly diverse. Viewers come from every race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic background. Children grow up watching their families enjoy the game of football. The NFL was the first to pioneer the game of fantasy football (Gosselin, 2005). This “game” increased the viewership from die-hard fans to everyday people. Now, co-workers, families, and friends, annually participate in viewership simply because they are in fantasy football leagues. The expansion of viewership has extended to the internet and radio as well. There are several radio stations dedicated to the game…

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