The Game Of A New Game Essay

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A new game is coming out in a week. The game was announced over a year ago with trailers to build excitement for the game. As the launch approaches, more information is released and hype for the game grows. The game comes out and it’s an immediate hit. The only problem is it’s only available on one console, a console they don’t own. Anyone who doesn’t have this console either has to buy the console to play the game or just not buy the game. But what if there was a way that they could buy the game without having to buy another console? With a universal console, consumers would be able to play any game with the benefit of only having to buy one, potentially cheaper, console.
In order to save the consumer money, a universal console needs to be created. There are three major companies today that are making video game consoles. These consoles are fighting to get the most consumers to buy there product. The major companies and consoles are Microsoft (Xbox One), Sony (Playstation 4), and Nintendo (Wii U). A universal console would combine the best features of the three consoles while also attempting to maintain a similar price to these consoles. Along with the maintaining the price of the consoles, the universal console would be able to play any of the games exclusive to each console. This is change is important for the consumer because consoles and their games have rapidly become expensive for the consumer. On the current system the consumer should be able to buy any game for…

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