The Game : Max And The Other Dad Became More Aggressive With Each Goal

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The game intensified as Max and the other dad became more aggressive with each goal. It was only a matter of time before bodily injury would befall one of the players. Millie, the only girl in the mix, held her own, body checking and high sticking. As the tomboy of the family, she switched from playing with dolls to a ferocious hockey player like a water faucet turning from hot to cold. Her competitive spirit kept her close to the hockey puck, aspiring to be named Most Valuable Player of the game, so it was no surprise when she caught the edge of Max’s hockey stick smack in the center of her right eye.
Millie dropped to the ground, whipping her stick, sending it skidding across the ice. She pressed a frozen gloved hand against her throbbing eye, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Ouch! Ouch!”
Helping her to her feet, Max pulled the mitten away from her eye. He yelled, “Time out!” A hush fell over the group as he examined the injury. Max put his arm around Millie, “Let’s go in the house.”
Sam pushed his way through the back door first. Walking across the carpet in his skates, he found Hanna sitting on the couch in the living room. “Samuel! Get off the carpet with those skates!”
“Mom, Dad hit Millie in the eye with his hockey stick by accident. It’s all her fault. She should’ve gotten out of the way.”
“Samuel,” Hanna ordered, “Get off this carpet right now!” Walking to the hallway, Hanna greeted them at the door, “Max, what’s going on out there? And WHY are scraps of turkey…

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