Future Teachers Research Paper

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Future teachers across the nation could relate to my philosophy of education. Many future teachers will find themselves sharing similar ideas and concepts in regards to education, such as the goals and priorities every teacher should have. One goal is to have a clear and organized vision of the purpose of education. Another important idea is for teachers to pay special attention how learning environments play a crucial role when it comes to our students ' learning. Teachers should also display a strong commitment to social justice in their classrooms, while having an organized successful curriculum. An organized curriculum is one of many responsibilities and characteristics every teacher should have to embrace. Effective teachers will find sharing similar responsibilities and characteristics among other teachers as well if they want to become extraordinary teachers.
Every teacher wishes for all their students to become successful adults in society. But in order to become successful adults, students must receive a valuable education. Education allows for the development of
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The majority of effective teachers are well organized and always plan ahead. By planning ahead teachers are always ready, and normally tend to have a backup lesson plan just in case the first lesson plan goes wrong. Effective teachers are positive, dedicated, motivated, and they are always keeping in mind the needs of their students. Also, the majority of effective teachers should always be able to think outside the box, they should have great communication skills among their peers and students. Last but not least an effective teacher should always “challenge their students, even if it creates a little bit of confusion because this will encourage students to take upon a challenge and find answers for themselves as they seek their own paths into clarity” (Chitwood, p.

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