Essay about The Future School That Awaits Me

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The future school that awaits me is one which utilizes alternative education methods in an equal opportunity environment. Where teachers collaborate and support each other in the common goal of creating a safe, fun learning environment for students. I look forward to experiential, hands on learning where children can be creative and glean knowledge from their own observations and experiences. This future school seeks to help children continually see the benefits of their labor through practical application of learned concepts and engaging alternative assessment methods such as portfolios and expressive projects.

The future classroom that awaits me is one made up of a community of learners rooted in respect, cooperation and motivation. It is a classroom which applies project based learning and integrated curriculum. Where the aspirations of learners help to expand subject content and structure individual research. There, teachers and students work toward big picture concepts and curriculum, unlimited by finite standards. My future classroom is also multi-age, so teachers and students can maintain a working relationship for more than one year and also have the gift of having friends of varying ages and ability levels.

My own professional goals include getting my certification for Montessori ages 9-12 and working towards my masters in Curriculum and Instruction. I love the classroom environment and intend on continuing to work with children. So…

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