The Future Of Wi Fi Essay

1696 Words Nov 16th, 2016 7 Pages
“The Future of Wi-Fi Is 10,000 Times More Energy Efficient” by April Glaser, March 5, 2016 at URL

I am currently working part-time at Best Buy and one of the products I enjoy selling are routers. Wi-Fi is something I find really intriguing and enjoy learning about therefor find I found out about “Passive Wi-Fi” I knew this was the topic I wanted to do my report on. We are heavily dependent on Internet and Wi-Fi is something that has evolved in speed, usage and what it has to offer. Almost every piece of technology is adapting to Wi-Fi, for example we have mobile devices that use Wi-Fi for navigation, browsing and even entertainment. Passive Wi-Fi is truly something that could change the future as it proves to save hours of battery life. When you’re a college student or even a professional, you are heavily reliant on Wi-Fi so the chance of preserving any amount of battery life is key. Every year we see new phones being advertised with bigger batteries, which attracts many customers due to the impact mobile devices have on our daily lives. Based off the study done by the students at the University of Washington have come to a conclusion that Passive Wi-Fi reduces power consumption by 10,000x. The study dissects traditional Wi-Fi radios have two components: Digital Baseband (which as been scaled using Moore’s law and can consume as little as 10 mW) and Analog RF (has not been scaled and consumes…

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