The Future of the Republican Party Essay

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The Future of the Republican Party
Compared to all the excitement in 2008, there was very little enthusiasm four years later for Obama’s re-election. Yet on the other side, there was almost a sense of disappointment for Romney’s candidacy. During the mid-term elections, amidst the hype of the Tea Party and Republican takeover of Congress, it seemed like the presidential race would prove to be a thrilling ride, but the election in 2012 was disappointingly routine. However, events surrounding the nomination process and leading up to the election have set the stage for the possibility of a realigning election in the near future.
In the days following the election, it was repeated over and over that Mitt Romney’s loss to President Obama
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Interest in the election and the issues being discussed is higher than normal, and some of the discussion has included redistributive policies. For several years, political tensions have been building up, and party identification has been weakening. According to a poll conducted by Gallup, a record high of forty percent of Americans identify as Independents with Democrats trailing at thirty-one percent and Republicans in last at twenty-seven percent (Gallup, 2012). Just by looking at the nomination process for the Republicans in 2011, turmoil within the party was evident. A new front-runner emerged every month or so and then dropped down as quickly as they came up. Third parties are rising in popularity as evident by the popularity of Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement, and with them they brought new issues to the table. For the first time, the Federal Reserve was brought into the national discussion, and several GOP candidates even adopted the Libertarian position of auditing the Fed. Last but not least, the voting public has definitely expressed itself more. Movements formed on both sides, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, to express their disagreement with the positions of the opposing party and to offer their own solution. (Mayhew)
The future for the Democrats seems fairly simple. They are unified and seem to have developed a formula that is clearly working, and they will most likely stick to it. Someone like Hillary Clinton would be a

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