The Future Of The Internet Essay

1881 Words Oct 26th, 2016 8 Pages
When it comes to the argument of whether technology overall benefits this generation or inhibits it, Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie as well as Jennifer Gabriel have created articles that present efficient information on the two standpoints. Anderson, staff member at Elon University, and Rainie, member of the Pew Research Center, examine whether today’s younger generation has been altered from constant technology use in their article entitled “The Future of the Internet,” published in 2012. Additionally, Gabriel—Master’s student at the University of Central Florida—describes how technology has influenced millennials and how to adapt to this change in her essay, “Guidelines for Twenty-First Century Instructional Design and Technology Use: Technologies’ Influence on the Brain,” published in 2009. Many similar pieces of information are discussed and the same argumentative techniques are used in the two articles; therefore, these papers are equally reliable and effective in persuading the reader. Anderson and Rainie begin their article by giving an overview of the topic, which helps the reader to quickly grasp the information that is to be presented. In this overview, the authors explain that a survey was conducted to gather the opinions of many experts on the subject of technology’s influence (Anderson et al. 2). According to Anderson and Rainie, experts think that this generation will be “nimble, quick-acting multitaskers” as well as negatively affected by the need to…

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