Essay The Future Of Space Travel

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SpaceX—The Future of Space Travel

In the beginning there was NASA. Now that the government is trimming their budgets, private corporations are entering the space race. The leader in the private sector is Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). This corporation started doing business in 2002 and have come a long way in the industry with the help and direction from CEO. Elon Musk (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, 2015). What makes this company unique is that they buy all of their materials and make all the parts for their rockets and landing pads in the United States. With currently $5 Billion in contracts, they have nearly 50 plus launches in their flight manifest. Their founder was a former Papal entrepreneur and Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. The initial goal for the company was to reduce space transportation costs to ultimately colonize Mars (“SpaceX,” Wikipedia, 2015). Just like Edison, each rocket gets them closer to achieving their ultimate goals of space exploration. Their first rocket called the Falcon 1, was the first ever privately funded liquid-fueled rocket to have a successful launch on the fourth and fifth attempt. On the fourth launch the Falcon 1 achieved orbit on September 28, 2008. While in orbit, it took high contrast pictures and recorded data that were used in the preparation for launch five. On July 14, 2009, this rocket delivered the Malaysian Razak SAT to orbit. The production cost for this rocket was $7 million…

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