The Future Of Solar Technology Essay

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Since the industrial revolution, people’s life quality has improved dramatically, along with new machines invented and new technology innovated. While people are enjoying their life with those advancements, energy consumption has also increased enormously. With limited resources on earth, the development of renewable technology has become the focus for the past decades. The sun, the giant burning star that is 92 million miles away from us, is warming us the earth and providing us with light and energy, helping plants and animals grow, as well as the living of human. Depositing 342 joules of energy per square metre per second, the sun, as many scholars and scientists believe, is an “unlimited” source of energy: the solar energy (International Energy Agency 31). Solar technology, the technology that converts solar energy to other useful forms of applications, has become one of the popular topics for study and research.
The development of the solar technology begins with William Grylls Adams and his student, Richard Evans Day, about the photovoltaic technology: detecting electricity in a selenium plate when exposed to light by connecting two electrodes to it. Based on their discovery, the first solar cell is developed seven years later by Charles Fritts (U.S. Department of Energy). However, the real breakthrough happened when Albert Einstein discovered photoelectric effect: electrons are emitted from a material when light, or photon, is shone onto it. The discovery of the…

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