The Future Of Solar Energy Essay

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There are seven billion people in the world using fuels. Most of the fuel used today comes from fossil fuels. The Depletion of fossil fuels would be disastrous for the world; therefore, many people believe America should switch to solar energy, wind power, or hydroelectric energy. There are disadvantages to switching entirely over to alternative energy such as harm to wildlife, both in the air and on the ground. Also, some health issues have been linked to using alternative energy. At this point, America should not make plans to switch entirely over to alternative energy.
One may believe that solar energy would be a great power source, but it is not efficient enough to change from a conventional power plant. There is a solar installation called Solar Two in Barstow, California. Hayden states in his article that “The Solar Two site occupies 52.6 hectares (130 acres) and produces around 10 MWe [megawatt electrical] peak” (Hayden 2). Solar Two would have to be scaled up to 127 square miles to generate the same as a conventional power plant. Birmingham, AL is 146 square miles, so it is not efficient enough to scale Solar Two up that much.
There is another solar installation near Solar Two called Solar Electric Generating System. In Hayden’s article, he explains how SEGS produces energy:
SEGS uses an array of parabolic mirrors, laid out on north-south axes to concentrate reflected sunlight onto a black tube through which terminol flows. The terminol delivers the heat to a…

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