The Future Of Solar Energy Essay

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The next major renewable energy in Canada is wind-generated power, which has garnered significant attention since the 21st century, resulting from emerging wind-farming capabilities used to produce electrical energy. The development of wind-generated electricity is becoming increasingly promising as costs of production decline practically every year. Over the last ten years, Canada’s wind power has grown thirty fold; “over 3750 wind turbines generate electricity in 170 wind farms across the country” and are expected to increase (Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference, 2013). If wind energy continues to expand, experts say it can satisfy 20 percent of Canada’s electricity demand by 2025 (CanWEA, 2012) Offshore and coastal regions have a large wind potential capacity, but turbines remain limited to areas in the vicinity of existing electrical grids. Moreover, wind energy requires constant wind, and as the best suitable areas are exploited, the less productive areas there are. Solar energy is another rapidly growing industry in Canada, as a result of improving technology. Nearly all of Canada’s landscape has solar energy prospective, but the high initial costs, relative inefficiency, and solar irregularities remain challenging moving forward. However, solar costs are expected to fall 40% over the next two years and in general, the potential capacity currently underexploited has plenty of room for development, as residential uses for solar power are also becoming more…

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