Essay on The Future Of Our World Depends On Who? The Children

1354 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
The future of our world depends on who ? The children. The way in which we educate the children will affect the young generations and will influence the strength of a country. Recently, in the American school system, more challenging curricula are imposed, and the kids have to sacrifice their playtime to finish all the academic work they are assigned. In my opinion, however, this method of depriving playtime for skill training will nonetheless produce results that counter the expectation of having more successful futures. In this essay, I will argue that schools should give children more opportunities to play instead of adding more academic works because play assists in their physical development, increases their cognitive and social skills, and helps them to shape more positive views of life. Like mentioned before, many parents believe that skill training classes will bring academic success to their children. It is common knowledge that practices often brings better results since people become more adept at doing certain things via repetitive training. For example, the basketball players will have better shots in games after shooting hundreds of balls in the exercise. However, in the academic field, the stricter curriculum does not necessarily bring higher scores in tests. For example, Finnish kids have much more relax and loose curriculum than the American one, and yet, “by ninth grade they 're way ahead in math, science and reading -- on track to keeping Finns…

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