The Future Of Our Country Essay

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The Future of Our Country

The future of the United States lies in the hands of our president. The president is in control of the economy, government and armed forces. On January 20, 2009, Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States and the first African American to lead the nation. Since Obama has taken office his popularity has declined due to his choice of leadership style. The effect of this is impacting the nation currently (the country is the US .. are you trying to say impacting the country currently) and the future of the U.S is at stake as well. Barack Obama’s popularity started declining from the results of lack of experience? and broken promises involving the Obama health care law. Barack Obama’s experience prior to taking presidency included two years in the U.S Senate, seven years in the Illinois Senate and had written two best-selling novels, according to Judy Keen from the USA TODAY in, “The Big Question About Barack Obama’. Evidence shows that Obama does not have any financial experience prior to taking office. The effect of no financial experience prior to taking office leads to deficit spending and trillions of dollars in debt. Since taking office, Obama has set back the U.S economy, adding on 7.06 trillion dollars in debt, according to Michael Sargent, “during Obama’s Presidency, National Debt has grown by $61k per household". Obama has raised debt higher than any previous presidents. In September 2014, the debt was up to 17.1…

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