Essay on The Future of Nursing

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The Future of Nursing

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Introduction This paper will discuss various aspect of the future of health care focusing on the future of how nursing will play an ever-important role in the reformation of health care. Presentation regarding, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the future of nursing, at the Institute of Medicine report entitled, “Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” will help set the stage for this paper. Discussion will be had regarding the relationship of the Institute of Medicine to that of the nursing profession and the foreseeable changes to practice based on the Institute of Medicines recommendations. Further discussion will be had no the
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Recommendations from The Institute of Medicine will not only affect the way nurses prepare to enter the workforce through education but also the way nurse continue to learn and the methodology behind their daily practice as health care professionals (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The Institute of Medicine would further like to build an infrastructure to allow for the collection and interpretation of health care data that would allow for efficient data sharing with the public (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The Institute of Medicine recommends that health care professional become life long learners and that systems be put into place that allow for a seamless transition in obtaining further education (Institute of Medicine, 2010). To aid in the accomplishment of these recommendations, coalitions have been formed to help change and shape the future of nursing.
The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action is a nationally coordinated initiative supported by multiple organizations and a divers group of stake holders to address the nation’s most challenging and urgent health care needs (Institute of Medicine, 2010). This national coalition focuses on items such as the quality of care provided to patients, the ability to access competent care, and the ever looming cost of providing health care to the

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