The Future Of Health Care Essay

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In 2002, a well-known article that came to be known as the 2002-paper set out to determine the future of health care as it related to explosion of advancements in both medicine and technology over the previous decade (Uckert et al., 2014). The paper sought to develop a set of goals for the next 10 years. Those goals were focused on the development, integration, and purposing of medical data. It predicted that electronic patient information would be shared among disciplines, be used for medical decision-making, and augment medical research and reporting (Uckert et al., 2014).
Ten years later, many of these goals were met, as a new area in health care emerged. This area came to be known as clinical informatics. According to Hebda (2013), informatics is the utilization of computer technology to support patient care. It touches all areas of health care, from direct patient care to finances and research. This concept required such a significant shift from current operations, that the only way to implement its vision on such a large scale, the government had to get involved.
According to Aston (2014), the Federal meaningful use requirements set the stage for many facilities across the U.S. to begin implementation of clinical informatics programs. Merging together the IT and medical industries was initially met with a lot of apprehension. However, once clinicians and administrators began to understand the implications for improving health care in this country, many…

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