The Future Of Food Essay

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Consumers believe if they create a large demand for product, the niche markets will produce enough product even when the population continuously increases. This negatively impacts the industry because consumers then create an increased demand for this product, and the producers supply as much as possible. According to the “The Future of Food” article written by I. Y. R. Odegard and E. Van Der Voet it states, “Presently, a billion people are undernourished and the FAO estimates that food production needs to increase by 70% in 2050 to feed the global population” (51). The increase in population creates an even greater demand for products, and the producers need to figure out how to increase production. If producers do not increase production, then demand is greater than supply. High prices result from an increased demand and constant supply, but consumers still stay loyal to the more natural product even when other products ring up at a lower price. Stores provide other options for products besides an all-natural or organic products. Lower prices result from a low demand and high supply of a product because the stores or producers want or need to sell the product on hand. Prices decrease when stores contain a surplus of product on the shelves. This helps to clear out the product before it expires, but the prices for a product do not directly affect the consumers’ taste for a more natural product. No matter the price, consumers still create an increased demand for a products…

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