Essay on The Future Of Food Is Powder

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The future of food is powder. A simple, gritty, beige powder packed with thirty five nutrients needed to survive. Rob Rhinehart is the founder of the product called Soylent. He discovered this product because he was working countless hours and wanted to stop wasting time on food. Food, comida, nourriture, a necessity for all living organisms. Rob decided to bypass food all together and created a futuristic meal replacement. Soylent contains the key building blocks needed for a healthy diet. Soylent is accessible to almost everyone. Either bought or made by oneself, Soylent will improve the lives of millions. By replacing meals with Soylent, it can ameliorate, others quality of life , their ecological footprint, and health benefits. Soylent is a healthy, inexpensive, tasty resource that allows people to consume the necessarily amount of calories, minerals and organic molecules. Rhinehart saved four hundred and twenty dollars by switching to a liquid only diet. A week supply of Soylent cost sixty five dollars. That is seven breakfasts, seven lunches and seven dinners all for sixty five dollars. This will allow all social classes an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle with the proper nutrients. Most of the time, healthy food is expensive, resulting in the lower economical class to eat highly processed fast food. Not only does Soylent stand apart from normal food because of its inexpensiveness but it is also non-perishable. As a non-perishable item people will be able to…

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