Essay The Future Of A Car Accident

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Driverless Cars

The 21st century keeps producing new and even more improved technology. At one point the computers got more efficient, then the cell phone, now it’s motorized vehicles. The self-driving car introduces a world of can- do attitudes and self- sufficiency. These vehicles may have many advantages and liabilities: it is up to the consumer to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons.

When I was seventeen years of age, I nearly lost my life in a grievous car accident, which caused me to become sedentary. During my time of healing I had plenty of time to think, praying, hoping that the someone would create a safer driving mechanism. Driving accidents are the number one cause of deaths of young people. Almost all of those accidents are due to human error, not machine error, therefore could have the contingency to be prevented by machines. The push for self-driving cars is here, and the research continues to make them a viable option. Clearly the government should subsidize autonomous cars by 2020.

First, if you were to ask a blind person what can’t they do? One of the answers they would give you is: Drive. My cousin has been blind since birth, one of the most difficult challenges for the visually impaired is finding transportation. Whether they’ve had to give up their driver’s license or never had a chance to drive because of their disability, it is a huge adjustment fraught with emotion and a sense of loss and…

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