The Future Express Essay

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Future Express, The Future Express, The
Court of Appeal (Civil Division) 29 July 1993

Case Analysis
Where Reported Case Digest
[1993] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 542 Subject: Shipping Keywords: Bills of lading; Cargo; Delivery; Insolvency Summary: Bill of lading; c & f contract; bank named as consignee; property passing separately from bill; buyer insolvent; delivery of cargo without production of bill; whether bank becoming pledgee of goods; whether bank having title to sue; whether shipowner liable for misdelivery Abstract: In 1985, shipowners delivered cargo to a c & f buyer, without production of the bills of lading, after being given an indemnity by the seller. The contract between the buyer and seller provided for property in the
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Appellate History

Queen's Bench Division (Admiralty Court)


Future Express, The [1992] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 79 Affirmed by Court of Appeal (Civil Division) Future Express, The [1993] 2 Lloyd's Rep. 542

All Cases Cited

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