The Fusion And Hybridization Of Cultures Essay

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Honour by Discrimination
A person’s culture is a key aspect of their life and identity. It defines who they are with respect to the rest of the world, gives them a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves, and affects their perception of their environment. Culture can be defined in many ways, but in the context of society, it refers to the beliefs, traditions, and customs of a particular group of people, such as Japanese culture or Native American culture (Webster’s 69). The fusion and hybridization of cultures is a common practice and can be beneficial to the progression of society, but it can also be harmful if abused. For example, many people consider the use of Native American imagery in sports to be a harmless practice, while others find it extremely offensive. The question of whether the use of Native American culture in sports is cultural appropriation or simply the hybridization of cultures is one that has been debated for many years. This question cannot be answered by any individual person, Native American or otherwise, but by examining the ramifications of these actions on society as a whole.
There is a fine line between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange, therefore a clear distinction needs to be made between the two: cultural appropriation is the unauthorized adoption of a culture other than one’s own, whereas cultural exchange refers to the consensual sharing of cultures. In reference to Chief Illiniwek, the mascot of the University of…

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