The Fur Trade Industry Technological Advances Essay

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From cavemen survival tactics in prehistoric times to designer wear in modern day life, fur is a practical material that slowly became a symbol of wealth and style. From the fur trade industry to technological advances, the fur industry helped develop every country both economically and historically.
Throughout the passing centuries, fur became a practical fabric and later a fashionable trend. From the beginning of time, fur was used as a practical element in wardrobe, it was used for survival by cavemen. Animals were first hunted and later skinned. Hunters would feed their family, and later provide their wives or partners with materials made from the animal 's flesh to make blankets, utensils, and clothing. These animal’s skins were the most effective method to induce heat in harsh prehistoric climates. Because technological advances were not developed yet, sewing and knitting was not an option towards creating knit and woven apparel. Therefore, animal skin was the only material that was relatively quickly acquired and easily maintain. As a coincidence, the most common animals that were hunted had long fur and thicker skin. These animals provided the best fur for the weather conditions. In this time period, animal fur was obtained for practicality, not appearance.
Early humans believed in “contagious magic”, where they specifically started hunting bigger, stronger, and rare animals. They believed that if they came in contact with or wore the skin of those animals, their…

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