The Funny Thing About The Stock Market Essay

973 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
The funny thing about the stock market is one person sells, and the other buys, but they both think they are astute. One can either make millionaires in the stock market or lose everything. Either way someone is losing and someone is winning. In Trading Places, by John Landis, brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke own a successful brokerage firm. They watch a an encounter between managing director Louis Winthorpe III and a street hustler, Billy Ray. After the encounter, the Dukes make a wager to se what would happen if Louis and Billy switch Lives. Louis is framed as a thief and drug dealer, and Billy is bailed out of jail and given all of Louis’ money and possessions. In his struggles as a newly poor man, Louis befriends a prostitute who “makes an investment” by taking care of him. After some time Louis attends the office christmas party and tries to frame Billy of drug possession to get his job and life back. However, he is caught and runs away. After finding a blunt that Louis left while trying to frame him, Billy goes to the bathroom to smoke. As he is smoking, the two Duke brothers enter the bathroom and Billy overhears about their wager. After telling Louis, the two conspire against the brother and steal the next years stock projections from them and give them a fake one. After investing all of their money in the orange stock, the brothers are devastated to find Louis and Billy working together to lower the price of the stock. The Duke Brothers go bankrupt while Billy…

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